2015 car promotion 2014 Subaru Cross Sport Concept 2013 Tokyo Motor Show

2015 car promotion 2014 Subaru Cross Sport Concept 2013 Tokyo Motor Show

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Aquavit – 1:43 scale resin models of Peugeot trucks and station wagons.
AR – French diecast from the 1930s.
AR Maquettes – 1:43 scale GP Ferraris from 1940s to 1960s.
Arcade – Primitive producer of cast vehicles mainly in the 1930s
Arena 38 – 1:43 scale handbuilts.
Arii – 1980s 1:24 scale kits from Japan.
ARKO Models – Hong Kong diecaster of mainly historic Ford vehicles.
Armour – 1:72 diecast military vehicles.
Arnold – West German tinplate toys.
ARS – 1:43 scale diecast from Italy. Mainly Alfas.
Arsenal – 1:43 scale diecast trucks and kits made in Ukraine.
Art Model – 1:43 scale resin classic LeMans cars. NOT AUTOArt. Ferraris from 1950s and 1960s.
Artin – Chinese manufacturer of 1/64, 1/43, and 1/32 scale cars and track.
Asahi – Japanese tin, but also diecast “Model Pet” series as agent in Japan for Corgi & Lone Star.
Asakusa – Japanese tin toys about 15 inches long like the Olds Vista Cruiser.
ASC – Japanese tinplate cars of the 1960s, also Aoshin. Name later used for diecast series of buses and other vehicles, possibly related to Tomica / Diapet.
Asgaard Models – 1:43 scale, often F1. Also HO and other semi-trucks.
Ashton Models – large white metal fire trucks and older cars like the Ford Model A.
AS Model – 1:43 scale cars and trucks (resin?) from Voronezh, Russia.
ATC – trading company marketing many Japanese toys, including Japanese tinplate cars; notably a striking Edsel.
ATEK – 1:43 scale tractors and shovels made in Kiev, Ukraine.
Atelier car models – 1:43 scale handbuilts, mostly Ferraris from 1960s and 1970s.
Athearn – Mostly HO cars and trucks for train setups. From Long Beach, CA.
Atlas – 1:32 scale race slot cars made in the mid-1960s, based on Marusan kits. Later, HO sized vehicles.
Atlas – Chinese 1:43 scale diecast, some recasts of Norevs also reissues of old Dinkys with old packaging designs.
Auburn Rubber Company – Early American producer of rubber cars.
Aurora Plastics Corporation – American manufacturer of 1:24 static kits and developer of the pioneering Model Motoring and AFX lines (HO) as well as 1:32 and 1:48 slot cars.
Aurore – 1:43 scale kits from Switzerland, Bugattis among selections.
Austin Craft – Early 1940s balsa wood kits of U.S. Army trucks and others, made in Burbank, California.
Authentic Models – 1:43 scale resin models line made in Belgium by Formule Kit.
AUTOart – 1:18 scale die-cast manufacturer from Hong Kong. Related to Gateway Global and Gate.
Autobahn – Line of 1:43 scale cars by Bauer.
Auto Buff – 1:43 scale white metal models made in the USA.
AutoDux – East German windup metal and plastic toys from the 1960s.
auto kit (without caps) – Diecast kits of 1930s sports cars. Made in England during the 1960s.
Automodelers – 1:43 scale resin models. From Hong Kong.
Automodelli HiFi – 1:43 scale white metal and resin F1 race cars and Ferraris. From Italy.
Automodello – Hand-built, highly detailed, signed/autographed, limited and standard edition 1:43 scale resincast manufacturer. Features TVR, Griffith, Fitch, and Bricklin.
Auto Place Models – APM. Consortium of builders making models to order.
Auto Pilen – Spanish manufacturer of die-cast models in 1:43 and 1:64. Made by Pilen S.A.
Auto Replicas – 1:43 scale handbuilts. Since the 1970s, made in Parkstone, Poole, Dorset, England.
Autoshow – 1:43 scale handbuilts of other manufacturers, made in Vienna, Austria.
Autostile – Line by ABC of mostly Alfas and Lancias.
Autotime Collection – 1:43 scale Russian diecast. UAZ Police “Patriot”.
Avanti Models – 1:43 scale. 1950s Ferraris.
AWM – German 1:87 scale (HO) plastic, mostly trucks and buses/coaches with authentic liveries.
Axel’R – 1:43 scale resin models of strange 1960s race cars like Lotus and Elva.
Azzara Models – 1:43 scale, many Porsche 9




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