1. Ever notice that men tend to like cars with lots of curves just like a
    woman’s body?

    Indeed, Enzo Ferrari once said he designed his cars to resemble the most
    beautiful women in the world.

    On the other hand, women like cars that are angular and chiseled…just
    like a man’s body!

    It’s no wonder then that the designer of the new NSX is a woman….the new
    NSX is chiseled like a muscular dude.

    Hmmm…so if you want to pick up chics with your car, get the new NSX!

  2. #1 this woman answered none of the essential questions
    #2 towards the posting viewers:
    nsx was originally made in the 90’s
    it was an elite tuner car
    may have derived the title of super car when released but by the 2000’s was
    not the best car at the strip
    those who buy imports appreciate the control vs power

    i don’t love electric engines but understand what they offer as well a the
    appeal power wise

    this car will be nothing like the old and is purely an over engineered
    price tag.
    just like the r34 to r35
    you surely get what you pay for, and its great, but its not what you wanted
    to come next

    old school:
    put a bigger turbo on it and feeeel the road

  3. The front and the side looks good, but the back not so much. It remind me
    of Dodge Viper, it has aggressive looking front but the back end looks like
    a little tiny ass..
    I still would get that car if it was maybe for $40,000 LOL but this is
    another rich people toy that I’ll never be able to afford.

  4. Not so great from the rear, looks ok compared to Europeans models but what
    can you expect from Japan they think small, and what’s up with that stupid
    lady’s Ugly ass hat?

  5. This is a great car, however it is grossly over-priced. $115k maybe, but
    not worth $150k

  6. $150,000? I am $100,000 short of buying this car.

  7. It does look great…! As an evolution of the original design, it is a good
    replacement. Hope she buys or get one… Would not be right to be the lead
    designer and not be able to drive one…LOL

  8. Gosh I love the original …. but boy does the new one make the original
    look pathetic …….

  9. Errrrr that’s mid engined isn’t it? Rear would be behind the rear axle.. 

  10. Completely disregards the design language of the original for a cheap low
    slung muscle car imitation style with a recycled Accord front end, grey
    plastic detailing like it’s still the 90s and an ugly as hell rear end. The
    only part I like is the side door vents. This is horrible. When are
    Japanese cars going to catch up?

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