GTA 5 Online “Declasse Rhapsody” Car Customization Showcase – Hipster DLC GOLF CART

GTA 5 Online “Declasse Rhapsody” Car Customization Showcase – Hipster DLC GOLF CART

GTA 5 Online “Declasse Rhapsody” Car Customization Showcase – Hipster DLC – GTA 5 Cars Hipster DLC Declasse Rhapsody Car review GTA 5 Hipster DLC. Car Customization GTA 5 Review for the Hipster DLC. Heists: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=epXK3o4BBVU

GTA 5 DLC HIPSTER DLC: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLeca13TadHekag5NSKpHgcK4orPEXJSsh

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  1. *I put Flames on the side of my car because I think it makes it go faster!
    DID YOU!?* Share this video with friends lets go for 1,000 likes! Can we do

  2. its actually based off the murth mobile in waynes world and its named after
    the queens song bohemian rhapsody and i recommend waynes world its a great
    movie and the song

  3. Personally I hate and think its a ugly fish bowl but that’s me some people
    like AMC pacers 

  4. Love this car!! Could be wrong but I believe this car was in Lost & Damned.

  5. Hell yeah! I will get this on GTA Online, just gotta wait until I get a PS4
    or until pc version comes out.

  6. Way to completely miss the fact that it’s a tribute to the “Mirthmobile”
    AMC Pacer from Wayne’s World. One of the most memorable scenes from the
    movie is when they sang Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen.

    You had one job.

  7. If u know y it’s Called “Rhapsody” Then u r a BOSS

  8. Yeah don’t like it at all just the front looks cool but no don’t like it

  9. i like this car cuz it looks like a golf 1 and i used to drive a golf 1
    (now an audi a4 but who cares :p )

  10. I love that car my moms-n-nem had one back in the days didnt like it then
    [slime green] (too embarassing)but I like it now only bcuz nobody else
    likes it just a awesome car…think it was called a grimlin or sun’n

  11. I have lost faith in video gamers knowing about their games as well as real
    life. A hood extension? uh god. Next thing you know you’ll go on facebook
    and comment “I have used that in cod!!” on gun and or on military photos

  12. It looks like a rally car if you added a few livrey on it and had a diff
    color like the massascro and the jester

  13. I love it because it’s from the movie Waynes World of you get the colors

  14. Why do you beg for things? people will do what they want and beggin’ just
    makes people like me reject channels.

  15. i am buyin it online jus something about it jus draws me 2 it

  16. Awesome car! The front looks like a VW Golf MK1 so I love it!

  17. LOL thanks for showing the picture of the football helmet cart. I had no
    idea what you were talking about then U showed the picture and im like

  18. If the front was longer it would look like the car from fast 6

  19. Hand’s down you can not hate the car that made one of the most epic movie
    scenes ever. Wayne’s world!!!!!

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