GTA 5 Secret Cars – Unmarked Police Cruiser, Police Bike, Police Van & Special Cruiser (GTA V)

GTA 5 Secret Cars – Unmarked Police Cruiser, Police Bike, Police Van & Special Cruiser (GTA V)

Guide on how to find the secret vehicle locations of several unique police vehicles in GTA 5 singleplayer!
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  1. I hate it in gta v where if the cops drive into you then you get a star

  2. i find unmarked police suv in mountains but doesnt had sirene

  3. Sigh, Rockstar makes a game about cops’ n’robers and doesn’t let you play
    cops. Half the game loses its potential. The cops inGTA online is so
    frustrateing, they are so trigger happy they’ll shoot you just for bumping
    into them, but thier armory is so weak and they are so bad at anything
    other than shooting you with a pistol that when a real threat like a tank
    or group of heavily armed players show up, the whole City of Los Santos
    (real world LA) is doomed, even though there is a military airbase less
    than 10 min out of town. Their swat have no real armor, and they do not
    utalize any form of military equipment, not even tear gas! Think of how bad
    ass swat would be in this game if they knew to flush players out with gas.
    AI suck fireing from cover, but if you play survival you know that a player
    in the open is doomed. So why don’t the cops flush you out in the open.

    The Cops are so bad most rampages end with the player either getting bored
    and committing suicide ina comic manner, or he runs out of ammo.

    But back to my point about the inability for players to even role play as
    cops let alone participate with them: You can buy a fully loaded Battle
    Tank in the game, LEGALLY! But you can’t buy or keep a cop car, they don’t
    even sell decomitioned ones. The actively cock block all the coolest
    features. For example, remember when you could load stuff into C130s by
    punching the back drop gate open?

    They “patched” it so that you can’t open the back gate. And now the Cargo
    plane is just a toy for suicide crashes now. So much lost potential. And
    its not technological limitations, They Choose To Do This! They add
    vehicles and then take them away. Its a giant tease. These rare cop cars
    don’t even exist online. I once saw a marked city crown vic in the Polito
    Bay sheriff station. ONCE. probably got “patched”.

  4. Is anybody else having trouble finding FIB vehicles on next gen? I’ve been
    to Gran Senora Desert by the satellites and all I’ve seen is scientists. No
    agents, no fib vehicles. Just scientists, a white van and a white

  5. I cant find the cop’s car at that place (xbox 360)

  6. a tip: its alot of police cars there around 02-03:00 PM

  7. Does this work for ps3 because I have never seen these cars.

  8. Ma favourite is the black police car !! Anyways thanks tg

  9. Been driving around for 10 hours (GTA TIME) and still can’t find any police
    vehicles. Xbox One 

  10. Title your videos as SOLO / ONLINE, as well as WHICH CONSOLE…

  11. I tried this around 5 times and it didn’t work.

  12. I got teh fib van by 4 star and i halped teh barry guy

  13. what you said is false the police motercycle can be found on the side of
    the freeway in the desert or with in the vicinity of the pay & spray that
    Franklin can buy for the small price of $349,000 dollars. plus pay & spray
    sounds like the call of duty term pray and spray not saying this to to be
    a buzz kill only trying to help get the right answer out 🙂 sorry if that
    came out rude

  14. I really like the cruisers that are knocks offs of the real life Ford
    Taurus cruisers. Haha. Thanks for the Straight-forward no bullshit video on
    how to get the various cruisers!

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