Making of the Bentley Sixteen GX Interior design

Making of the Bentley Sixteen GX Interior design

High speed video of 3 weeks worth of work showing the design process of automotive interior for Bentley. Bentley Sixteen GX is a limited production SUV concept for 2012. This project is made during Coventry University second year Automotive Design course by Halil Buzcuoglu.The tablet used in the video is Wacom 21UX. Program: Photoshop CS5
For finished renderings and more visit:




  1. found that incredibly inspirational, great stuff. Hoping to go to Coventry
    Uni in a years time to do automobile and transport design, pretty much the
    same. good job. 

  2. On what kind of resolution they start the design in PS?

  3. @iNs3CuRePL I must say it is quite competitive to get into an automotive
    design job. As there are lots of designers these days, the companies look
    for the best of the best in terms of communicating ideas in sketch form,
    technical knowledge and some other skills. So best thing to do is studying
    a degree of automotive design to learn more. If you think you are creative,
    love sketching and have interest in cars, you should go for it.

  4. Glad to see designers in the industry are still starting projects off with
    traditional pencil/pen/marker sketches. Awesome video! Also, loving the
    Cosmic Motors on your desk. Great source of inspiration!

  5. This was a very informative video. I must say that i respect what u do very
    much. I would prefer to sketch, and then deal with the 3-d side of things.
    Im not into photoshop very much, but i can model anything in 3d. Is there a
    place in the automotive design industry for me?

  6. çok güzel çalışma, tebrikler kardeşim…Allah daha da ileriye götürsün

  7. wo haben sie so was gelent in der schule :)(:kiss

  8. I wouldn’t say photoshop is a must to be honest there’s plenty other
    programs designers use it’s up to each person I guess (I prefer Sketchbook
    Pro), but yea nowadays digital rendering is definitely a must as more and
    more designers even do their development sketches digitally nowadays..

  9. great videos, im going to start learning industrial design, im looking for
    any course but i cant find :S

  10. You can become a 3D modeller and model the cars that designers bring to
    you. Photoshop is a must to become a designer.

  11. @lprocker9 The tablet in the video is Wacom 21UX. I go to Coventry
    University. Still.

  12. @halilbuzdesign hey im a begginer at drawing, i have done graffiti for
    about 3 years, n now i want to do car design ive literally just started
    practicing, im doind design for my A levels. will they continue teachng how
    to draw cars at coventry uni? i really want to go there

  13. LOL! Me too. Ive been doin graff for about 15yrs. I shows some car sketches
    to a buddy of mine, and he said that he could see the influence of graff in
    it. I have a school project, designing cars for GM. I have never drawn a
    car before that. Scott robertson tutorials helped alot, but this is the
    first video that ive seen that has had anything to do with interior design

  14. Hey, you have great skills and ideas. I wanted to ask you if automotive
    design is a hard thing to get to? I have been drawing cars a long time and
    I always wanted to get into it. But when I think how hard it is to get into
    these companies I kinda get pulled off.

  15. @halilbuzdesign Thanks for the quick reply. Yeah I loved cars since I was a
    child, I love art and got an A in my GCSE and also I got full marks at the
    end exam. Im currently at college do car paint and spraying. The only thing
    Im afraid of is that I might be left with no job after all because there
    are so many great artists, designers.

  16. that is so cool Im a little automotive designer myself but only in my mind
    though because I just finished Highschool. What are requirements for that

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