New Flying Car Design Unveiled

New Flying Car Design Unveiled

A Massachusetts company releases plans for a flying, helicopter appearing car.

Flying cars seem to be inevitable at some point in future.

Terrafugia, an aerospace company in Massachusetts has released their newest design for a futuristic vehicle that resembles a helicopter.

Name the TF-X, the vehicle can drive like any other automobile on the ground. When ready to hit the skies, drivers only need to find a large parking lot or helipad for takeoff rather than requiring a runway.

Utilizing tilt-rotor technology the vehicle would lift almost vertically. The propellers would then shift from that vertical position to horizontal while the car slash plane is in the air. A spokesperson at Terrafugia stated “We felt this was our time to share our vision of the future. If you don’t start today, it won’t happen.”

Cars aren’t just for looks and road usage anymore. Last year, a top competitor for the unofficial Amphibious World Speed Record Competition was a vehicle named the Sea Lion.

Described as the potential World’s Fastest Amphibious Car, it’s equipped with gears that have a top land speed of 180 miles per hour and it was clocked in at 60 miles per hour in the water.
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