Supercars Accelerating Aventador, 8C Competizione, 458 Speciale, 650S, GranTurismo MC Stradale

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Supercars Accelerating Part 18 – McLaren 650S Ferrari F12 Challenge Stradale Aventador Superleggera

Top Marques Monaco 2014 : Ultimate Supercars !!! I’m finally back from my trip in Monaco for the Top Marques ! This edition was huge. I was able spend time with other spotters and … 22:15Watch Later Monaco Supercars INSANITY… Continue Reading


Desert Run – With the McLaren 650S Spider

Thank you @Shmee150 IG: FB: W: —————————— D e s e r t R u n 27-29 November 2014 Dubai/Oman/Dubai 50 Supercars #DesertRun —————————— Official Main Sponsor SevenFriday @SevenFriday_Bahrain @SevenFridayUAE —————————— Sponsors Batelco @Batelco Target Auto Showroom… Continue Reading


Supercars in Hamburg 2014 – Aventador, Huracan, 650S, Callifornia T, F-Types, AMGs, C7, R8s & more

Third part of the “Supercars in Hamburg 2014” serial. We recorded some cool cars like the all new Lamborghini Huracan, a McLaren 650S or the new Corvette C7 Stingray so enjoy watching. Instagram: Flickr: YouTube: Camera: Canon… Continue Reading


Supercars in London – January 2015 (LaFerrari, Shmee’s 650S, Novitec F12, tuner cars)

Facebook: This month was pretty damn good, considering it was a cold January. There was a black LaFerrari, a couple of McLaren Mercedes SLRs and a bunch of mad tuner cars. This was partially down to ExoticCarsOfLondon’s tunnel run,… Continue Reading