Peppa Pig Bathtime Color Changers Muddy Puddles DC Disney Pixar Cars Sally McQueen by ToyCollector

Welcome to ToyCollector Blutoys, This is Bathtime Peppa Pig Color Changing Doll Muddy Puddles from Nickelodeon toys using Disney Pixar Cars Color Changers. This playset comes with Peppa Pig Mud color changing doll and baby brother George that squirts water,… Continue Reading

Color Changers Cars & Toy Story Slide n Surprise Playground Playset Colour Shifters Disney Pixar

Disneycollector Toychannel presents Slide & Surprise Playground playset from Disney Pixar Toy Story. Create color changing designs at the art paint station with the foam paintbrush. Tilt the water barrel over with the lever and send cars down the slide… Continue Reading