Cycling Computer vs Smart Phone App – Cycling Express Review 6C

In this review we talk about the differences, pro/cons, of a Cycling Computer over just using your smart phone, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy etc. For more info on Cycling Computers, price etc click the link below http://www.cyclingexpress.com/?lang=en&p=products&b_cls=cate&s_cls=84&s_clsName=Computers&token=Computers For all other cycling… Continue Reading

Synthetic diamonds for the quantum computer revolution – Nicolas Woehrl – ehsm #2 – 2014

lecture: „Revolution in Military Affairs” — Why computer professionals should be concernedWe will discuss the essential and disconcerting role of information and communication technology (ICT) in the current military doctrines and strategies spoken of as the ‘Revolution in Military Affairs’… Continue Reading