DC Avanti caught testing | Special Feature | ZEEGNITION

India’s first indigenous sports car, the DC Avanti, is currently undergoing real-world testing putting all doubts about its future to rest! Avanti is just months away from an early 2015 commercial reality. Read more about the DC Avanti here: http://www.zeegnition.com/adil-jal-darukhanawalas-blog/dc-designs-avanti-spotted-testing-suggesting-indian-supercars-imminent… Continue Reading


Exclusive !!! sneak peek of superbike designing using PTC Creo freestyle feature www.360eworks.com

Freestyle is simple to learn and use, but the true advantage is that it quickly builds high quality surface geometry. This geometry can then be converted directly to a solid and manipulated with all the traditional Creo Parametric commands. With… Continue Reading