Gelarti Designer Studio Playset | Paint and Decorate Your Own Peel Off Stickers!

For more Play Doh/Disney Toys, subscribe!! http://bit.ly/1huxQDc Watch more Play Doh/Disney Toy videos!! http://bit.ly/1csGeoM Make your very own peel off stickers using this awesome Gelarti Designer Studio!! You can use these colorful stickers to decorate your windows and walls. What… Continue Reading


Micro Drifters Design and Drift Speedway Playset Race 9 Disney Pixar Cars at Once DisneyCarToys

Disney Car Toys presents Watch Micro Drifters in action with the Design and Drift Speedway track set. Micro Drifters are small “Disney Cars”. This is a rare Disney Pixar Cars 2 Micro Drifters Play Set. I purchased this Micro Drifters… Continue Reading

Radiator Springs World Playset NEW Cars 2 2013 Disney Pixar Radiator Springs Classic Toys”R”US toys

Here’s new 2013 Radiator Springs World playset of “Radiator Springs Classic” cars-toys collection from Disney Pixar Cars 2 exclusive from ToysRus stores. Kids n toddlers can re-create their favorite movie-moments from cars land with this play set! Each play area… Continue Reading

Color Changers Cars & Toy Story Slide n Surprise Playground Playset Colour Shifters Disney Pixar

Disneycollector Toychannel presents Slide & Surprise Playground playset from Disney Pixar Toy Story. Create color changing designs at the art paint station with the foam paintbrush. Tilt the water barrel over with the lever and send cars down the slide… Continue Reading

Cars Micro Drifters Design & Drift Speedway Track Playset 9-CARS Launcher Disney Pixar drifting toys

This is micro drifters design and drift speedway track playset from disney pixar cars 2. These microdrifters feature ball-bearing technology that allows them to race n drift just like they do in Disney Pixar Cars2. With more than 7 feet… Continue Reading