The Future US Army Helicopter ?Testing the Futurist AirMule Unmanned VTOL

Introduction The AirMule is a compact, unmanned, single-engine, VTOL (Vertical Take Off and Landing) aircraft. Internal lift rotors enable the AirMule to fly inside obstructed (e.g. mountainous, wooded, urban) terrain where helicopters are unable to operate. The AirMule is innovative… Continue Reading


DC Avanti caught testing | Special Feature | ZEEGNITION

India’s first indigenous sports car, the DC Avanti, is currently undergoing real-world testing putting all doubts about its future to rest! Avanti is just months away from an early 2015 commercial reality. Read more about the DC Avanti here: http://www.zeegnition.com/adil-jal-darukhanawalas-blog/dc-designs-avanti-spotted-testing-suggesting-indian-supercars-imminent… Continue Reading


TARDEC – Ultra Light Vehicle (ULV) Research Prototype Advanced Testing Phase [1080p]

9 Sep 2013. Ultra Light Vehicle (ULV) is U.S. Army’s latest “research prototype”. Hybrid tactical vehicle targets safety, fuel-efficiency and versatility. Using commercial technologies, only 16 months from design to build. U.S. ARMY DETROIT ARSENAL, WARREN, Mich. – While no… Continue Reading